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What Are the Jets Doing at OTA's?

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Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Today is the start of OTA's (organized team activities) for the Jets. What exactly does that mean, though?

The offseason program is divided into three phases. The first two phases are now complete.

This is the third and final phase. Over a four week period, teams are allowed to conduct up to ten days of practice. They are allowed to conduct 7 on 7, 9 on 7, and 11 on 11 drills, but there is not to be any contact.

The Jets will conduct their OTA's on these dates: May 24-26, May 31, June 1-2, and June 6-9.

These practices are not mandatory. June 14-16 the Jets will conduct a minicamp that is mandatory that is mandatory for veteran players. (It is at least mandatory for veteran players who are under contract. Muhammad Wilkerson is technically not under contract since he has not signed his franchise player contract and thus not required to attend that.)