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Which Five Players Could the Jets Least Afford to Lose?

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Which players could the Jets least afford to lose? This is a question based on a couple of factors. It is based on talent. If the Jets lost a player at a position where they lack a proven starter like tight end, it might not be that big of a deal. It also deals with depth. The Jets have a lot of top talent on the defensive line. Having that kind of talent means losing any one player would not be devastating. If the team lost Sheldon Richardson or Muhammad Wilkerson, it certainly would hurt. With the type of talent the Jets have to replace a key piece, it would still not crush the team.

Here are the five players I think the Jets can least afford to lose in no particular order.

Brandon Marshall

In all of the time I have watched the Jets, I cannot remember them having an offensive force like Marshall. He produces. He draws so much attention that he opens things up for his teammates. Even when he draws attention, opponents can not totally take him away.

Ryan Clady

It makes me very nervous to put a guy who has missed 30 games over the last 3 seasons on this list, but he definitely belongs here. The Jets do not have proven backups at any position on the offensive line so losing a player at the most important spot would really hurt.

Nick Mangold

You could tell how important Mangold was when he was hurt last season. He only missed a single start, but he was out for parts of other games. His level of play is much higher than any backups the Jets have. It also seemed like they missed his smarts. Having an experienced center to help set up the blocking scheme can make a big difference.

Darrelle Revis

I know Revis is not the player he used to be, but think about Week 1. Doesn't the thought of having Revis go up against A.J. Green make you feel better than either Buster Skrine or Marcus Williams?

Eric Decker

I don't think Decker is as important as Marshall, but the Jets built a productive passing game last season built heavily around their top two options. The offense was not the same in the one game Decker missed against Philadelphia. In fairness, Chris Ivory also missed that game, but it was a lot easier for the Eagles to get in Brandon Marshall's way without Decker around.

Which five would you choose?