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NY Jets: Hack vs. Hack

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Which Hack will have the better Jets career? QB Hackenberg or Punter Hackett?

Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

The Jets picked up two Hacks over the last couple of days.  First they drafted Penn State quarterback Christian Hackenberg. After a rough start on GGN, this Hack seems to be getting a second look and the crowd seems to be taking a positive turn in Hackenberg's favor.  After the draft concluded, it was time for the next Hack.  The Jets signed punter Tom Hackett as an undrafted free agent.  Hackett was second in the FBS with a 48.0 punting average last year, and won the Ray Guy award as the nation's best college punter.  As if that's not enough to love the guy, he also seems like a regular bloke.  Here's his response when questioned as to why he chose football in general, and punting in particular, as his athletic endeavor:

The main reason I'm playing this sport is because deep down, I'm fat and I don't like running very far.  So I'm running 20-odd yards on and 20-odd yards off, and that's about all I got for you.

That response alone is reason to love the guy, and indeed Jets fans were clamoring for him on draft day.  Though he wasn't drafted he's a Jet now.

So which Hack ultimately has the better Jets career?  Will it be the embattled Penn State quarterback or the lovable Aussie punter?  Which Hack lasts longer as a Jet?  Which Hack makes more Pro Bowls?  Which Hack is a starter for more years?  And most importantly, which Hack accumulates more AV?

What do you say Jets fans?  Who's your Hack?