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A topic not about Christian Hackenberg: Jets decline Dee Milliner's 5th year option

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An obvious move

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

In some non-draft related news, the Jets made a couple of easy decisions on some first round picks from 2013 who are reaching the deadline for the 5th year option, Sheldon Richardson and Dee Milliner. Unsurprisingly, the Jets have picked up Sheldon's and declined Dee's.

Milliner's option was for roughly 12 million. It was a no-brainer to decline the option. While the 5th year is only guaranteed if Dee had a catastrophic injury that kept him from playing next year, which is a very small likelihood, there's no reason to pick up the option and expose yourself to that possibility when there is little upside to it. It's going to be an extreme change in circumstances for Dee to prove that he's worth 12 million bucks, or anything even remotely close to that. Rather, after a year where he played 0 snaps on defense, it seems likely that Milliner has to earn his roster spot this season. Cutting Milliner has no effect on the cap. The Jets also spent a 4th round pick on a cornerback. Milliner will actually have to prove he's worth keeping to remain a Jet.

I'm not going to touch on Sheldon's option really. He's a premier defensive lineman in the NFL who the Jets will have for 8 million dollars. Yahtzee. Let's just stop putting him on the edge, mmmkay?