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Darron Lee: A Detailed Report

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Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

If you have been listening to some of the live shows GGN has done since the NFL Draft, you might have heard me cite a comprehensive report about first round pick Darron Lee by David Te Thomas. Thomas has worked in professional football since 1968, served as a consultant with numerous teams, and publishes the scouting guide the NFL distributes to the media each year.

I wanted to take the chance to share the report. It is a long read, but it has a lot of interesting details on Lee.

Some draft analysts stated that Lee was a “work in progress” and “did not excite” in 2015 like he did in 2014 during the Buckeyes’ national championship march. Unknown to many scouts, at the time, but Lee was playing with a lower leg injury during the first half of his sophomore campaign. With several Buckeyes suspended earlier in the year, the strong-side linebacker felt that even on one leg, he needed to be out on the field.

It has interesting statistical breakdowns.

Lee was directly involved in 129 running plays, as those ball carriers gained a total of 61 yards (0.47 ypc), good for sixteen first downs (four the result of a Lee penalty) and no touchdowns…Also assisted other Buckeyes on thirteen running plays that totaled 59 yards (charged to the initial tackler) and came out of his area to chase down ball carriers to prevent seven touchdowns (total of 50 yards)

It also details Lee's assignments in games.

Hawaii...Lee finished the day with four tackles, including two sacks which matches a career-high in front of a crowd of 107,145 that witness Ohio State pull off a 38-0 rout of the Warriors…He rerouted slot receiver Marcus Kemp away from a deep pass and then pressured quarterback Matt Wittek into throwing the ball away on third-&-8, forcing a 28-yard Hawaii punt during the opponent’s game-opening possession

Thomas is very high on Lee. Does this close the book on any discussion as to whether this pick was a success? No, but this piece definitely can help you get an idea of what Lee brings to the table.

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