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New York Jets 2016 Re-Draft

One of the biggest problems with mocking is that you have no idea what anyone is going to do, or who will be available. Well the draft is over, and I know exactly what teams did, and who was available for our picks. Now I can make my own picks based off of the same climate our GM was picking in for each round. This will be nice to revisit in a few years.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Round 1

Jets Pick: Darron Lee, LBer

My Pick: Darron Lee, LBer

When you make about 4 mocks, with 4 different players going in the first, it's hard to take too much credit for predicting one. I will anyway. In the SB Nation Writers Mock I nailed the Darron Lee pick. That mock went a lot differently, but Lee remained the best pick available at 20. Both me and Maccagnan were once again on the same page with our #1 pick. In last year's Re-Draft, we both picked Leonard Williams. That was a much easier pick to make. With Lee, we get an athletic, universal puzzle piece. His athletic ability can fill a huge need. We were horrible last year covering speedy receivers out of the backfield. New England will have many of them, along with many other teams. This pick is our way of holding serve. We can now match that athletic ability, with athletic ability of our own.

Round 2

Jets Pick: Christian Hackenberg, QB

My Pick: Cody Whitehair, OG/OT

In the 2nd round, Maccagnan took one of the biggest risks of the draft. I was left a little dumbfounded when that pick was announced. I am still a little out of sorts. I saw the 2nd round as a chance for us to find a solid building block for the future. A little different from Mike playing Russian Roulette with a rocket launcher. I went with one of the safer picks we could have made. Cody Whitehair was one of the better O-linemen in college football last year. He was a starting LT, but will probably be moved inside to guard at the next level. He could even be looked at as a center. Brian Winters is not going to cut it too much longer, and we need an infusion of young talent along the o-line.

Round 3

Jets Pick: Jordan Jenkins, Edge

My Pick: Kyler Fackrell, Edge/ILB

I actually really like the Jordan Jenkins pick. The kid is a warrior, that can come in and replace the aging Calvin Pace. He is constantly double teamed, and still able to set the edge. He has a nose for the ball carrier as well. Bowles will find a way to squeeze every inch of talent out of Jordan, and there is a lot. I just believe there was a little more value in Fackrell. If you have seen my mocks, you know I really like Kyler. He is a little more efficient when it comes to coverage skills, and his ability to rush the passer. Kyler can also be kicked inside if needed. Fackrell's versatility and superior pass rush skills, gives him the advantage in this head to head battle.

Round 4

Jets Pick: Juston Burris, CB

My Pick: Evan Boehm, C

It seems like Mike wants to purge our secondary of all the Idzik guys. He won't do this without bringing in some of his own guys. If I were to go with a CB, it wouldn't have been Burris. I would have instead tried to get some much needed youth and talent along the o-line. It's only a matter of time before Nick Mangold decided to hang up his cleats along with D'Brickashaw Ferguson. We really don't have a suitable backup, or replacement in place. Boehm is a powerful center prospect that can sit and learn behind one of the best. Evan brings a lot of strength to the position. He consistently moves defenders backwards, 2 to 3 yards downfield.

Round 5

Jets Pick: Brandon Shell, T

My Pick: D.J. White, CB

There really wasn't very good value for us at the tackle position, throughout the entire draft. Shell was not an exception to that. Do we need depth at the tackle position, yes, but not enough to give away a premium 4th round pick next year, for a project like Shell. I would have instead gone with the best player on my board, D.J. White. White was one of my top sleeper prospects at CB. Even though he is under 6', he is custom made to play press man coverage in Bowles' defense. I love it when defenders attack the catchpoint instead of the receiver.

Round 7

Jets Pick: Lac Edwards, P

My Pick: Ben LeCompte, P

I really wanted a punter here, and we got one. It just wasn't the punter I wanted. Edwards didn't have the kind of distance on his punts that I would have liked to have seen. He has that video of himself booming one at his pro day, but in games it was much different. He only averaged about 42 yards per kick, with a long of 62. LeCompte on the other hand, has proven to have a consistent big leg. He had an average of 45 yards per punt, and a long of 73. Right now Edwards has the advantage, solefully because he is on a team. We'll look back in 2 years to see where they both are.

Round 7

Jets Pick: Charone Peake, WR

My Pick: Charone Peake, WR

When this pick came around, I was very surprised to see Peake still on the board. Grabbing Charone here was a great pick, with incredible value. He checks all the boxes when it comes to size and speed. The only thing holding him back is his injury history. If he can overcome all that, he can prove to be one of the better picks in this whole draft. I would not have changed anything about this pick.