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What Were Scouts Saying About Christian Hackenberg Before the Draft?

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Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel writer Bob McGinn speaks with scouts and compiles notes every year before the NFL Draft. Yesterday we look at what the scouts he spoke with had to say about Darron Lee. Now let's see what they said about Jets second round pick Christian Hackenberg.

Passer ratings were 89.0 as a freshman under coach Bill O'Brien and, under coach James Franklin, 74.2 in '14 and 83.9 in '15. "After his freshman year people looked at him as the first pick in the draft," said one scout. "A premier-type talent like that is so hard to find. He could be as talented as any of these quarterbacks. He's got the arm, the body. He's actually a competitor. But when you look at his career you say, 'Where's the production?'" Third-year junior started all 38 games (21-17). "People can make every excuse in the book for him but he just hasn't done it," another scout said. "He was a Bill O'Brien guy and he had some issues with Franklin. He hangs out more with managers than he does teammates. It tells me he likes to be king of the little people rather than king of the big people." Tendency to hold the ball led partly to 104 career sacks. "He doesn't have a clock in his head," said a third scout. "I understand they had a poor offensive line but that's too many sacks. Throw the ball away. Do something. He has talent but he scares the hell out of me." From Palmyra, Va. Wonderlic of 24. Hands were just 9 inches.

I think there is a lot of truth to this analysis. There was a lot of good when you look at what he did that freshman year, but there are big concerns about the last two seasons that go beyond the poor situations he was put into. It is up to the Jets to get the good to shine through.