GGN Thread About Nothing #152: Basie Boogie

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Welcome to the TAN, the infamous Thread About Nothing, Basie Boogie edition.

There are things in life you just don't appreciate until much later. Such was the case of my encounter with the Count Basie Orchestra. Growing up in a small mainly rural town near the Jersey Shore one of the high school activities in which I participated was the band. I was first trumpet in our high school band and also played in the school's jazz ensemble. For reasons that were not clear to me then and are no clearer today, our band director, a man not much older than the students he taught, had close ties to the legendary jazz pianist and founder of the Count Basie Orchestra that carried his name. Count Basie was a man about the same age as my grandfather, yet somehow he had become close with my very young high school band director. As a result of this relationship, the Count Basie Orchestra played a concert in our high school auditorium. The jazz ensemble had the unique privilege of hanging out with the Count Basie Orchestra before the start of the concert. It was a brief brush with music royalty, an amazingly cool thing for a high school kid to experience, yet an experience which we mostly took for granted. Only much later would we look back on that night and wonder how on earth were we high school delinquents permitted access to a legendary swing band and the Count himself? I've never been able to figure out quite why Count Basie came to our little school auditorium and hung out with we clueless aspiring musicians, but in honor of that night here's a little of the Count himself. Enjoy.

Here are the TAN rules. Memorize them. There will be a quiz at the end of this thread.

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And now, The Count Basie Orchestra with Basie Boogie:

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