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Jets Jersey Countdown: Number 98

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Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

As we approach the season, we are going to count down the history of Jets jersey numbers along with some of the notable players to wear each number. Today we will look at number 98.

This particular number does not stand out in team history. Only two players have ever worn it for more than two seasons. Quinton Coples was a disappointment for a first round pick by almost any measure, but due to the lack of competition, he is the all-time leader in AV for Jets number 98's.

Hopes were sky high when the Jets picked Coples in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. A rookie season where he registered 5.5 sacks in limited action kept them high. Before the start of the 2013 season, the Jets drafted Sheldon Richardson. Looking for a spot for Coples, Rex Ryan moved him out to the edge. In part due to this and in part due to a low motor, Coples never developed into an impact player. At his best, he was a passable starter. In 2015, Coples went from Week 1 starter to being cut before the season was over. Although the move to the edge did not help matters, head coach Todd Bowles said at the time the Jets let Coples go that the Jets did not think Coples was even one of the best interior players on the team.

Even though Coples was a disappointment, the Jets did get a functional two year starter. The next highest AV's for this number were from Anthony Pleasant and Rick Lyle.