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What Were Scouts Saying About Darron Lee Before the Draft?

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Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal speaks with various scouts in the leadup to the Draft. He then publishes what they had to say. I thought it might be interesting to take a look at what they had to say about Jets first round pick Darron Lee. It is important to remember that things said here are not necessarily the consensus view. They surely do not guarantee anything either positive or negative. It still is interesting to hear what real evaluators think.

Third-year sophomore from New Albany, Ohio. "Solid, athletic," one scout said. "He can run. He's smart (Wonderlic of 31). Not the most physical guy. But the way you use him nowadays he'll have a role and stay on the field all the time." Finished with 147 tackles (27 ½ for loss), 12 sacks and 7 big plays. Started all 28 games. "He's not as good as (Ryan) Shazier," another scout said. "He can go out and play in the slot. As long as he's covered up where he doesn't have to take on a lot he's (good). He's not Ragland, Smith or Jack playing the run inside. He can play it outside, though. More of a grab (tackler). Will he hit? Yeah. Is he tough? Yes, he's tough." Led all ILBs in the broad jump (11-1). "He's a walk-out linebacker," a third scout said. "A tweener, a safety and a 'will' linebacker. I don't have him as a first-rounder. He's not that big. He can cover backs. I worry about his size against tight ends. He's above the acceptance level as a tackler."

The selection of Lee led to people here having opinions all over the map. The same might be true of the scouting community.