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Ian Rapoport: Deadline for Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jets Might Be May 24

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Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Ian Rapoport is out with a new report that a "legitimate deadline" for both sides to reach a deal in the Ryan Fitzpatrick saga might be a week from today. The Jets begin their OTA's on May 24 so it would be nice to have the starting quarterback signed by then.

Rapoport's report has an interesting twist. He states that, "Fitzpatrick wants to get a little more money out of the organization," that what the Jets are offering. The wording is a bit unclear, but it is possibly a signal Fitzpatrick is about to come off his original demands, which none of the 32 teams have been willing to meet.

For their part, the Jets have publicly stated they view training camp as a deadline for signing Fitzpatrick. For a veteran who knows the system, that seems like a more logical deadline to me. Fitzpatrick does not really need OTA's. It is still worth considering what Rapoport has to say.