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Bryce Petty: It's Night and Day From Last Year

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Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Darryl Slater caught upwith Jets quarterback Bryce Petty at a charity event. The second year quarterback talked about his progress learning pro concepts after coming out of Baylor's spread system.

"For me, where I was when they drafted me last year to where I am now, it's night-and-day difference," Petty told NJ Advance Media on Monday at Jets linebacker David Harris' charity golf event, which benefits the Give the Kids Hope Foundation. "For me, it's a process. Just watching film, I'm seeing things.

"I played Madden the other day, and it's not just picking run plays anymore. It's like, 'Oh, they've got an under front [on defense].' You start picking up things differently. That's exciting for me."

I know people are going to get on him for the Madden comment, but his point is well-taken. Petty has probably gotten an education over the last year in these concepts.

At the same time, it shows that Petty is a project . We talked last season about the big learning curve he faces. If he is at a point where he just now is getting comfortable with seeing something as basic as an under front, it probably is going to be at least another year before we can even talk about him starting. I'd like to see Petty show enough to win the backup job before he gets put into the starting discussion.