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Obligatory "Should the Jets Claim Zach Mettenberger?" Question

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans waived backup quarterback Zach Mettenberger yesterday. Mettenberger is only 24 years old and has 10 games of starting experience. He also only carries a rookie sixth round contract so there would be a minimal financial commitment for any team that claims him.

I don't have strong feelings on this one. I was never a big fan of his coming out of college. His professional play has not done much to change his mind. He might have been in a bad situation, but Marcus Mariota was in the same situation. It does not seem like the league values Mettenberger highly either.

Even Mark Sanchez netted something in a trade.

On the other hand, Mettenberger would not cost the Jets much to claim. He would be cheap, and you could build a case he has more promise than Geno Smith or Bryce Petty. The Jets could even keep all of them and just load up on young arms for training camp.