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Jets Given a D for Their Offseason by ESPN

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William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Barnwell of ESPN has been grading the offseasons for NFL teams this week. He did the AFC East a few days ago. The Jets did not fare well, getting a D. You can click for a more detailed explanation, but the reasons were as follows.

They still don't have a quarterback.

They didn't solve the Muhammad Wilkerson problem.

They used most of the money they had on ... running backs?

Despite his criticisms of the quarterback situation, he does praise the team for not caving to Ryan Fitzpatrick's large contract demands.

If you read through this article, I think the criticisms are actually fair. Much of the quarterback criticism stems from using a second round pick on Christian Hackenberg, reasoning many can agree with. The fact Wilkerson is likely to play the season under the franchise tag is far from a best case scenario. His long-term future is still murky, and the tag prevented the Jets from being able to maneuver more in the offseason. And Barnwell does praise Matt Forte but also notes the size of the deals were a lot bigger than what the team paid Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell last year when they formed a nice duo.

I do think D is a bit harsh, though. I also think it overstates what happened in the offseason. In the big picture, this was not a huge offseason like 2015 was. The Jets were largely built already by their spending spree a year ago. Next year they will have greater flexibility so the offseason will take on greater importance.