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NFL Power Rankings: ESPN Puts the Jets in the Middle of the Pack

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Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

After the NFL Draft, ESPN has posted updated power rankings. The Jets rate squarely in the middle.

15. New York Jets

2015 record: 10-6

Post-free agency ranking: No. 15

Unprecedented in the annals of Power Rankings history, the Jets appear to have attained their ranking because of a collective belief that a quarterback not currently on their roster ultimately will be. Ryan Fitzpatrick is the most widely assumed return since Jon Snow's. If it doesn't happen? Well, 15 will seem high.

These power rankings are slightly less silly than earlier offseason versions that came out. At least now the Draft has passed, and teams are mostly built.

With that said, there is going to be a lack of imagination when it comes to these rankings. While approximately half of the Playoff teams change each season, early predictions and rankings will for the most part rate teams according to their 2015 performance. Expect to see plenty of rankings with the Jets in the middle of the pack.

At least it beats being at the bottom.