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Pro Football Focus Rates Best and Worst Jets Draft Picks

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Pro Football Focus listed its favorite and least favorite pick of every NFL team. Here is what they had for the Jets.

New York Jets

Best: Charone Peake, WR, Clemson (Rd. 7, No. 241)

Truthfully we weren’t even that high on Peake, but the Jets draft didn’t feature too many players high on our board.

Worst: Christian Hackenberg, QB, Penn State (Rd. 2, No. 51)

Our undraftable grade on Hackenberg is no secret. First-rounder Darron Lee was a runner-up here.

I think there tends to be a lot of consensus about the first round or two. There might be a difference of opinion on a player or two, but most analysts have the same players going at the same points. Once we get to the third round, valuations on prospects vary wildly. A player might have a third round grade from one analyst and a seventh round grade from other. The teams themselves ultimately had a seventh round grade on Peake. Some analysts had him as a day two pick, though, which is naturally going to excite people. I think for his skillset, Peake was worth throwing a seventh round pick at.

I think many people would also say Hackenberg was their least favorite pick, although PFF is out on a limb calling him undraftable.

Of course, none of this really matters. Draft grades immediately after a pick are just guesses. Even if they were not, PFF does not have a big Draft reputation at this point in time. I am not overly worried that they do not think much of the Jets' picks.