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These Prospects Will Try Out for the Jets

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Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

After the NFL Draft, the Jets will hold a rookie minicamp that will serve as something of an initiation for new players. The Draft picks will be there. So will the undrafted free agents. Players with less than one season of accrued time in the NFL (such as Deon Simon) might also be there.

There is yet another group, tryout players. What is a tryout player? It is exactly what it sounds like. The top prospects get drafted. After them, teams sign undrafted free agents. Undrafted free agents sign contracts. They are part of the team and take up one of the ninety roster spots a team has for training camp.

There is a third group of players. These were the guys teams did not think were good enough to be undrafted free agents. They come to the minicamp and try out for the team. If they make a good enough impression, the team can offer these guys a contract. If they do not, they leave.

The list will grow, but these are the players we know will be trying out for the Jets at the moment.

Terron Beckham, RB, Lafayette

Liam Nadler, QB, Gannon

Damian Love, OG, Alabama State

Alex Wells, S, Temple

Montario Hunter, WR, Elizabeth City State

Hayden Wilks, C, Newberry

Taylor McDonnell, LB, Newberry

Jon Desir, OL/DL, Towson

Mathu Gibson, OT, Wingate