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2016 NFL Draft Grades: Mel Kiper Gives the Jets a B-

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Jon Durr/Getty Images

Giving out grades immediately after the Draft is a silly venture. You cannot really grade a Draft for four to five years. That has not stopped many pundits from trying. Here is a look at some of the immediate grades the Jets got after the 2016 NFL Draft. As always, remember that draft grades are stupid unless they praise the Jets.

Dan Kadar (SB Nation)

With first-round pick Darron Lee added a much-needed element of speed to the defense. He can do a lot of things for head coach Todd Bowles. Picking Christian Hackenberg at No. 51 overall was bizarre. He's a developmental quarterback with tools. There's a lot of work that has to be done with him. If it works, he can be good. If it doesn't, it's a high pick that was wasted. Jenkins is a heady player who just gets the job done. He may not be a superstar, but he's dependable. Juston Burris is a lanky cornerback who fits the system. It was a surprise to see the Jets wait so long to take someone on offense. Ryan Clady is no long a sure thing as a starting left tackle. Charone Peake was surprisingly available in the seventh round. He has tools and size that can be developed.

Grade: C

Mel Kiper, Jr. (ESPN)

New York Jets: B-

Top needs: OLB, OL, CB, QB

It's a symptom of the draft process that the same person could be excited about an FCS quarterback with barely a year and a half of starting experience drafted No. 2 overall -- and for a boatload of picks! -- and criticize the Jets for taking Christian Hackenberg at a reasonable value slot in Round 2. The reality is we just don't know what either will become, but while I had Connor Cook rated higher, I don't think the value range is too bad for Hackenberg if they feel he can be a starter. I think Hackenberg can get there, but he needs a lot of work with Chan Gailey. I think it's an awful idea to throw him out there early.

Elsewhere, I like this draft. The Jets got better at linebacker with Darron Lee, my No. 15 overall player taken at 20. Third-rounder Jordan Jenkins out-produced No. 9 overall pick Leonard Floyd at Georgia. Juston Burris is a good press corner who can contribute in this system. Brandon Shell is a talented project at tackle. Charon Peake is a guy I thought could go much earlier because of his physical skills, but if he's healthy he has a chance to stick. The story of this draft might very well end up about the success or failure of Hackenberg, but in Round 2 it's a decent bet to make.

Pete Prisco (CBS)

New York Jets

Best pick: For me, it was taking Penn State quarterback Christian Hackenberg in the second round. Contrary to most, I think he will become a quality starting quarterback.

Questionable move: It was taking Hackenberg. I get it. It's a questionable move, but no guts, no glory.

Third-day gem: Offensive lineman Brandon Shell. He was a four-year starter at South Carolina. Doing that in a good conference matters. He's a big, physical kid who might have to move to right tackle.

Analysis: If Hackenberg develops into a starting quarterback, which the Jets think he can, this will be a great draft. If he doesn't, it's a flop. It's that simple. Getting linebacker Darron Lee in the first was a nice choice.

Grade: B

Bart Hubbuch (New York Post)

Jets: B

Addressed their need at linebacker in a big (and impressive) way with Darron Lee and Jordan Jenkins, two excellent newcomers, but second-round pick Christian Hackenberg is as divisive of a quarterback prospect as you ever will see.

Darron Lee (Jets First Round Pick)