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NY Jets: The 2016 AGOP Champion

Congratulations on a job well done.

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The Gang Green Nation community has spoken. A winner of the Fourth Annual AGOP contest has been chosen by you, the members of GGN.  This one was close, with wild swings of the vote going back and forth.  In the end you chose allgreeneverything as the person with the best offseason plan.   An amazing 10,000+ votes were cast.   Thank all of you, those who submitted plans and those who voted, for making this year's contest a smashing success.  With   57% of the vote,  allgreeneverything is the 2016 AGOP champion and this site's best aspiring GM.  In addition to AGOP bragging rights for a year, this year's champion wins his choice of anything Jets related and $30 or under at  Allgreeneverything, please contact Smackdad at your convenience at to arrange for the shipping of your prize.  Congratulations to all the finalists,and thank you to everyone who participated. Please join the GGN staff in congratulating allgreeneverything on his worthy effort. And now, without further ado, we present to you the plan that won our contest. Allgreeneverything, well done.

allgreeneverything's AGOP Offseason Plan

AGOP Offseason Plan


The Jets had immediate success under first year head coach Todd Bowles, but finished the season with their playoff dreams crushed after the team fell apart against the Bills. Their season ending blow came by the hands of 3 fourth quarter interceptions by free agent QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Jets find themselves in a unique place where they are built to win now, but are missing key pieces, and are lacking cap room to make those moves. My approach to the offseason was to save money and get younger, while adding key vets where it mattered.

Official Cap Space Before adjustments:

2016- $5,671,841


Cuts with Money Freed Over 2 Years and Explanation:

The first step to making cap-room for any team is to make cuts. The Jets have a couple of veteran players that are being overpaid and are harshly underperforming.

1.OT- Breno Giacomini: Year 1: $4,375,000| Year 2: $5,125,000

--The Jets need offensive line, but as badly as they need it, Breno just makes it worse. He was getting beat constantly last year and logged one of the worst RT grades on PFF. That said, he’s getting paid middle-of-the-road money for bottom 5 play. Brent Qvale impressed a lot last year, but don’t look for him to take on a starting role right away.

2. OT- D’Brickashaw Ferguson: Year 1- $9,093,000| Year 2: $14,307,000

--Brick has been a classic Jet; a true leader on the field and in the locker room. Unfortunately, his play has declined rapidly and he should have been replaced two seasons ago. The Jets are strapped for cash and he’s just not worth it. There’s no point in keeping around subpar players, from old regimes, with huge price tags.

----Total Saved off of Cuts:

2016- $13,468,000

2017- $19,432,000

Re-Structures/Pay cuts and Explanation:

A good way for teams to make money is to restructure the contracts of veterans that could be making too much, or just request they take a pay cut. Below are a handful of veterans that could use a pay cut or a restructure. If restructuring guaranteed money, the money is usually spread out over following years, but the Jets would be able to cut the player having to pay what the guaranteed is. Being that I can’t make the decision for what the Jets will do with the players entering 2017, I didn’t specify whether the players would be taking a pay cut or would be restructuring the deal, which would effect 2017.

1.K-Nick Folk: (OLD)$3,343,333/(NEW)$2,410,833=(SAVED)$932,500

--After seeing Randy Bullock kick last year, we all learned how important it is to have a reliable kicker. Nonetheless, Folk is making far too much for his production the last two seasons. Kickers are replaceable, so I would imagine if he wants to stay on the team, he would have to take a pay cut.

2.C-Nick Mangold: (OLD)$8,600,000/(NEW)$6,292,500=(SAVED)$2,307,500

--Mangold isn’t far from the top of his game, but he isn’t getting any younger, and it’s safe to say his play is slowly declining. He’s going to have to rework his deal a little if he wants to stay with the team. Especially considering his backup, Wesley Johnson has performed well in his limited opportunities, and in practice last year.

4.ILB-David Harris: (OLD)$7,500,000/(NEW)$4,192,500=(SAVED)$3,307,500

--The Hitman came back last year on a ticket that seemed a bit too pricey. After an up and down season where his age finally seemed to have caught up to him, Harris is going to have to adjust his deal.

----Total Saved Off of Restructuring/Cuts:

2016- $6,547,500

Trades and Explanation:

Depending on when it happens, a trade can be a huge money saver for a team, and be used to improve the team to accumulate players or draft picks. The Jets only use one trade here, but it is crucial to their offseason.

1.DE Muhammad Wilkerson to SD for 35th Overall Pick

--Big Mo has got to go. Leonard Williams and Sheldon Richardson both play the same position, and are both much more athletic and have already shown they have higher ceilings. Coming off a year when Mo lead the team with 12 sacks, 6 of his sacks were handed to him; 4 of them came when he was unblocked, 1 of them should have been an incomplete pass, and the other was when the QB gave himself up; That’s half of his sacks. He just simply is not worth the money he is asking, but San Diego has the money to pay him and the need at his position.

----Total Saved off of Trades:

2016- $15,701,000

2017- N/A

Total Saved:



New Estimated Cap Room:

2016- $41,388,341

2017- $66,162,655


Money to Work With:


Re-Signs with Explanation:

With every offseason comes re-signing guys you want to keep around. The Jets have some young guys that have either had a nice impact on the team, or have shown some legitimate promise, meriting another chance to come in and improve.

1.RILB- Erin Henderson: 2 Years, $3,500,000 - Year 1: $1,750,000| Year 2: $1,750,000

--Lets not forget, before Erin Henderson’s year out of the league, in 2013 he played in 14 games, racking up 112 combined tackles, 4 sacks, and 2 interceptions. Those are really strong numbers. In his first year back he had 45 combined tackles with the Jets, but he showed plenty of promise, and ended up taking a majority of Demario Davis’ playing time by season’s end. He would fit right in the middle next to Harris, and help provide additional veteran leadership to a generally young LB group.

2.RILB- Jamari Lattimore: 1 Year, $1,300,000- Year 1: $1,300,000

--Jamari Lattimore looked really good at times last year. In the preseason and the regular season, when he was in he fit well and seemed really reliable in pass coverage. He seemed to be the type of player that isn’t great at anything, but can move around and hold his own, which is valuable in a 3-4 like Bowles’, who likes to move his backers around a bit. He knows the system and played well when he had the chance, so he gets invited back on a cheap one-year deal.

3.DE- Leger Douzable: 3 Years, $8,000,000, $5,000,000 Guaranteed- Year 1: $1,500,000| Year 2: $2,000,000

--I think it’s about time the Jets make a move to keep Douzie around. He’s the perfect rotational guy in our system and is a great team player. He produces well for his play time and what’s expected of him, so for the sake of continuity and keeping some of the same guys in the building, he gets to stick around for a couple of years.

4. P- Ryan Quigley: 1 Year, $850,000- Year 1: $850,000: Quigley was really good at some points last year and really bad. --The market for proven punters is pretty dry at the moment, so I don’t feel confident signing one and assuming he can do better than Quigley, so we ride with Quigley here, but this move is far from set in stone if a decent option is to come up before a deal with Quigley is finalized.

---Total Spent on re-signings

2016- $5,400,000

2017- $3,750,000

Free Agents Signed with Explanation:

1. QB- Robert Griffin III: 2 Years, $13,000,000- Year 1: $6,500,000| Year 2: $6,500,000

--Did Ryan Fitzpatrick, at any point last season do something an average QB couldn’t do? The answer is no. Reality is, Chan Gailey has made Kordell Stewart, Tyler Thigpen, and Ryan Fitzpatrick (Buffalo) look like legitimate QB’s because his system is so QB friendly. The Jets find themselves in a position to pick up a guy that has shown he has legitimate franchise QB potential. The Jets don’t have that in Fitz, and waiting until #20 in the draft is a scary game to play. Bottom Line- If Fitz could put up those numbers in this offense, why would RG3 not be able to do better? With a respectable coach like Bowles in charge, I don’t see RG3 being too big for his britches like he was when he first went to D.C. This is an incredible opportunity the Jets can’t pass up. Fitz did not show us anything special, and quite frankly, after how he ended the season, he should never be welcome to wear green and white again.

2. DT- Nick Fairley: 3 Years, $16,000,000, $14,000,000 Guaranteed- Year 1: $4,000,000| Year 2: $5,000,000

--The Jets lost out on Snacks, but as great as he is, he is worth about half of what the Giants gave him. Just a couple of years ago Fairley was positioning himself to be one of the leagues premier defensive tackles, but being moved from teams and different systems has delayed that progress. He still flashes the star potential he used to, which is why he is worth bringing along. He could be a force to be reckoned with in the middle between Leo and Sheldon.

3. ROLB- Dwight Freeney: 1 Year, $900,000- Year 1: $900,000

--How does he do it? Year after year Freeney continues to produce. As a situational pass rusher, Freeney was still able to rack up 8 sacks last year. He probably has just 1 year left in him, and he can come play in a defense he is familiar with from Bowles’ days in AZ. He can be the vet we need, that can coach up the young OLB’s like Mauldin and Fackrell, and be the vet we want by actually producing off the edge and being reliable.

4. RG-Geoff Schwartz: 3 Years, $12,500,000- Year 1: $6,000,000| Year 2: $6,500,000

--The Jets have big needs on the offensive line, but there is a lot of opportunity to fix that through the draft and free agency. I like the idea of having a veteran line; perhaps even if they aren’t the best, because I personally value someone with savvy up front that has more experience rather than just the more talented player. Schwartz is a great option as someone who can come in and play well enough to add stability to a position the Jets have needed to upgrade for years. Brian Winters actually looked really good last year, but like Brent Qvale, he might need one more year before he’s a finished product.

5. LT-Kelvin Beachum: 2 Years, $12,000,000- Year 1: $6,000,000| Year 2: $6,000,000

--Beachum is someone that isn’t talked about much, but just 2 years ago in 2014, Beachum was starting to look like one of the leagues best young tackles. He’s 27 and suffered a knee injury in his contract year which derailed him, but if he could come back to even 90% of what he was, the Jets could have a franchise tackle that could play left or right for an absolute bargain price

----Total Spent on Free Agents

2016: $23,900,000

2017: $24,000,000

Players Drafted with Explanation:

1-Pick 20: WR- Josh Doctson, TCU: 4 Years, $10,700,000- Year 1: $2,675,000| Year 2: $2,675,000

--Maybe WR is far from the Jets first need, but if they are going BPA, that BPA will be Doctson. Because of a wrist injury, he hasn’t gotten the attention he deserves, but if there’s a prospect that truly resembles AJ Green, it’s Doctson. Marshall and Decker aren’t getting younger, and having talents like Doctson and Devin Smith to step right in gives us an edge in the passing game we have never had. If the Jets run a 4-wide set, that’s just too much talent for any team to cover.

2-Pick 35: RT-Jason Spriggs, Indiana: 4 Years, $7,300,000- Year 1: $1,825,000| Year 2: $1,825,000

--The Jets used Mo to trade up to this spot. They solidify their line by taking someone who most believe is the most athletic tackle in the draft. Very reminiscent of Lane Johnson, Spriggs’ tall, athletic frame allows him to move around nicely and play multiple spots on the line. LT is a big step right away so I think he either starts at RT, or stays there pending Beachum’s development.

2-Pick 51: LOLB- Kyler Fackrell, Utah State: 4 Years, $3,900,000- Year 1: $975,000| Year 2: $975,000

--Fackrell is the outside linebacker the Jets have needed since the year the Pats drafted Gronk. Fackrell is tall, athletic, and matches up well against tight ends. In the pass game he has strong lateral ability to shadow backs, and can stand TE’s up and knock them off their route. He’s great at reading, reacting, and shedding his blocks to set the edge in the run game. He isn’t an elite pass rusher, but it’s obviously something he could do.

3- Pick 83: ILB- Tyler Matakevitch, Temple: 4 Years, $3,300,000- Year 1: $825,000| Year 2: $825,000

--Temple had a ferocious defense this year and this man held it down in the middle. Matakevitch has everything you want in a MLB and plays with the old school grit that made the position what it is. On top of that, the guy is a tackling machine. He has almost 500 total tackles in his college career…yes you read that right, 500.

4- Pick 115: TE- Jerell Adams, South Carolina: 4 Years, $3,100,000- Year 1: $775,000| Year 2: $775,000

--Adams had the fastest 40 at the combine for TE’s and stands at a commanding 6’6. Tight ends are hard to scout, regardless of production. Adams played basketball in high school and has all the looks of a legitimate threat at tight end. He has less experience in a TE group that’s generally inexperienced to begin with, so despite his athletic ability, he falls due to his lack of production.

5-Pick 145: DT- Matt Ioannidis, Temple: 4 Years, $2,800,000- Year 1: $700,000| Year 2: $700,000

--Interior lineman can come in any round; this was proven by our own Snacks who went undrafted. Ioannidis is a Jersey guy from Coach Bowles Alma Mater, which had one of the NCAA’s best defenses. At 6’3 300, Ioannidis has the frame to play anywhere on a 3-4 line, but his pure power and strength make him ideal right in the middle. He has legitimate starter talent that could compete for the starting spot day 1.

----Total Spent on Rookies

2016: $7,775,000

2017: $7,775,000

Total Spent:

2016: $37,075,000

2017: $35,525,000

2016 Depth Chart

QB: Robert Griffin III

QB: Geno Smith

QB: Bryce Petty

RB: Matt Forte

RB: Bilal Powell

RB: Khiry Robinson

FB: Tommy Bohannon

WR: Brandon Marshall

WR: Eric Decker

WR: Josh Doctson

WR: Devin Smith

WR: Quincy Enunwa

WR: Kenbrell Thompkins

TE: Jace Amaro

TE: Jerell Adams

TE: Tanner Perdum

LT: Kelvin Beachum

LT: Brett Qvale

LG: James Carpenter

LG: Jarvis Harrison

C: Nick Mangold

C: Wesley Johnson

RG: Geoff Schwartz

RG: Brian Winters

RT: Jason Spriggs

RT: Dakota Dozier

LE: Leonard Williams

LE: Leger Douzable

DT: Nick Fairley

DT: Matt Ioannidis

DT: Deon Simon

RE: Sheldon Richardson

RE: Mike Catapano

LOLB: Kyler Fackrell

LOLB: Trevor Reilly

LILB: David Harris

LILB: Tyler Matakevitch

RILB: EJ Henderson

RILB: Jamari Lattimore

ROLB: Dwight Freeney

ROLB: Lorenzo Mauldin

ROLB: Freddie Bishop

CB: Darrelle Revis

CB: Marcus Williams

CB: Dee Milliner

CB: Buster Skrine

CB: Dexter Mcdougle

S: Calvin Pryor

S: Dion Bailey

FS: Marcus Gilchrist

FS: Rontez Miles

K: Nick Folk

P: Ryan Quigley

Final Details:

-Cap Space Left Over:


-Anticipated 2017 Cap Space:


2016 Season Outlook:

The New York Jets will step onto the field Week 1 in Shotgun formation with RG3 at QB, Brandon Marshall and Josh Doctson set wide, Devin Smith and Eric Decker in the slots, and Matt Forte lined up next to the QB, all behind a brand new offensive line. The defense remains the same while working a group of young, ferocious linebackers. 7 of the 22 starters on the team are over 30, which is less than 1/3. That makes the Jets one of the younger teams in the league, with all but a handful of their starters under contract for next year. The Jets will be able to go into this season with more than $4,000,000 extra to spend if a player they want gets released or they have to replace an injury. This final amount rolls over into the 2017 offseason, where the Jets would have more then $30,000,000 to spend, and could finally re-sign one of their stars, Sheldon Richardson. This team has gotten faster, younger, more talented, bigger, better, and cheaper.