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Jets Draft Rumors: Which Pro Days Has Mike Maccagnan Attended?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan attended the pro day at Memphis for Paxton Lynch. Which other pro days has he been spotted at during Draft season? This is an unofficial list since it requires somebody to either spot Maccagnan or somebody to get a scoop. Here is where we know Maccagnan has been.


Penn State

Ohio State

There seems to be legitimate interest in Christian Hackenberg and Paxton Lynch. Maccagnan attended the pro days of both players, and the Jets are having both come for a predraft visit. There is no guarantee the Jets will draft either. Still, teams only get 30 predraft visits. The Jets used one on both. Maccagnan also went in person to see both. The only other pro day where Maccagnan has been spotted was Ohio State, a school with an exceptionally deep Draft class this year. Some people think Ohio State might set the record for most first round picks in a single Draft.