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NY Jets Third Day Draft Discussion

A long day full of obscure names fans will see in training camp, fall in love with, then never see on the football field again. This is awesome!

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

We have reached the third day of the NFL Draft.  Now it comes down to the true draft diehards.  Can you make it through hour after hour of selections you've barely heard of?  Can you get excited about the latest seventh round selection that's totally going to shore up the offensive line?  The Jets have three selections today, one in the fourth round and two in the seventh, with a whole lot of nothing in between.  Of course, with the Jets it could always work out that the entire draft was a whole lot of nothing, but that's something to look forward to tomorrow.  Today we have the intrigue of wondering whether the tight end the Jets select can possibly be good enough to beat out Zach Sudfeld, or whether the tackle they select could ever measure up to Vlad Ducasse.  Dare we hope for another find like T-Bo, the Steal Of The Draft?  Will the Jets select a defensive player they are sure they can trade to the offense?  Will the Jets draft a quarterback after passing on one in round 2?    Lots of good stuff to argue about tonight.

Use this as a thread to talk Draft. We will provide new threads if they are necessary along with updates through the night. We ask you kindly to avoid spoilers on the picks from Twitter. Stick to what you see on television when talking about the Draft.