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Colin Kaepernick Trade Rumors: Broncos and 49ers Making Progress But Salary Is an Issue

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Reports surfaced yesterday that the Broncos and 49ers were making progress on a potential trade for Colin Kaepernick, but the salary remains a hangup. Adam Schefter had the following to say.

The Broncos are willing to pay $7 million, a source confirmed to ESPN. But Denver and Kaepernick would like the San Francisco to pay the remaining $4.9 million; the 49ers have been unwilling, according to a source, believing they should not have to pay for a player they'd like to keep on their roster. Kaepernick has also been unwilling to forfeit the $4.9 million to make the deal work, according to a source.

A high-level source says "it would take two seconds" for the teams to finalize the proposed deal. The compensation in the trade is a nonissue, per sources familiar with deal. It will be a midround pick

Kaepernick's $11.9 million salary for 2016 just became guaranteed on Friday.

This has Jets implications in part because they have been linked to Kaepernick, but mainly because Denver is the only other team that has had reported substantive interest with Ryan Fitzpatrick. If a Kaepernick trade goes through, we might be close to a conclusion with the FItzpatrick saga. There would be no other suitors unless another team makes a late push for him. Fitzpatrick might have to fold his cards and take what the Jets are offering him.