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NY Jets Select QB Christian Hackenberg In Round 2

The Jets. Second round. What could possibly go wrong?

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

With the 51st selection in the 2016 NFL Draft, the New York Jets have selected Penn State quarterback Christian Hackenberg.  Hackenberg is a 6' 4 3/8", 223 pound passer who had a nice beginning and disastrous ending to his college career.  Fans blame his coach and his surrounding lack of talent for his poor play later in his college career; critics think Hackenberg deserves a fair share of the blame too.  In what feels like the secondiest round pick the Jets could possibly have made, the Jets now have three young quarterbacks and no legitimate starters.

If Ryan Fitzpatrick now realizes he is out of leverage and signs with the Jets, this selection likely means the end of Geno Smith's Jets career. If Fitzpatrick does not sign with the Jets, this likely means the end of the Jets 2016 season.

Celebrate or mourn the pick below.  We'll have more detailed analysis a little later on.