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NY Jets Second Day Draft Discussion

Can the Jets break the dreaded round 2 curse? Comment here on all things Jets draft.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

We have reached the second round of the NFL Draft, where Jets fans' hopes go to curl up and die. Tonight begins the second day of the 2016 NFL Draft, comprising rounds 2 and 3. The Jets currently have selections #51 and #83.  Plenty of good players still left on the board.  Will Myles Jack go early, or are his health issues too severe to risk a day two pick on?  Will the Jets draft a quarterback?  Address the offensive line?  Replace the legendary Jeff Cumberland?  Find a Cro replacement?  Pound the table for Russell Wilson?  Will they find somebody sneaky fast, or deceptively athletic?  Lots of good stuff to argue about tonight.

Use this as a thread to talk Draft. We will provide new threads if they are necessary along with updates through the night. We ask you kindly to avoid spoilers on the picks from Twitter. Stick to what you see on television when talking about the Draft.