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Jets First Round Draft Discussion

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

We have reached the NFL Draft. Tonight begins the second Draft in the Mike Maccagnan Era (and eighth in the GGN Era). The Jets have plenty of short-term and long-term needs, but only one first round pick.

Will the team find its quarterback of the future? Will it solidify the offensive line? Will the Jets finally add an outside pass rusher? Will they go for some other area? Will they trade up? Will they trade down? Will they pick an option not already described? We don't know, and they probably don't know at the moment. A lot depends on what the teams in front of them do.

Use this as a thread to talk Draft. Will will provide new threads if they are necessary along with updates through the night. We ask you kindly to avoid spoilers on the picks from Twitter. Stick to what you see on television when talking about the Draft.