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New York Jets Seventh Round Draft Picks of the Last Decade Ranked

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

We conclude our look at Jets selections of the past decade by looking at the Draft's final round.

1. Antonio Allen, 2012 (Last Year: 1)

Allen got a starting safety job at the start of the 2013 season. He was eventually benched in part because he struggled in coverage. He was a decent run defender during his brief starting career. When the Jets drafted Calvin Pryor, he was displaced. The Jets attempted to hide his coverage issues by...moving him to cornerback. That did not pan out. The emergence of quality backup safeties made Allen expendable, but he did a credible job as a starter for around half a season. By seventh round standards, that is successful.

2. Chansi Stuckey, 2007 (Last Year: 2)

Stuckey knew how to begin seasons. The slot receiver had a touchdown catch in both Week 1 games he played with the Jets. In fact, he caught touchdown passes in each of the first three games of 2008 before cooling off. He didn't get much of a chance to improve in 2009. A few weeks after his touchdown in the opener against the Texans, he was sent to Cleveland as part of the Braylon Edwards trade.

3. Greg McElroy, 2011 (Last Year: 3)

McElroy had one disastrous start with the Jets in 2012. Before that, he came off the bench and led a game-winning touchdown drive in a game the team needed to win to keep its Playoff hopes alive. At least that was something.

4. Deon Simon, 2015 (Last Year: NR)

The Jets never really got much out of most of their seventh rounders, which is not a surprise. Simon did not play as a rookie, but he at least has a chance. Charley Casserly has declared him the next Damon Harrison. That feels like a stretch, but there is hope he can turn into a decent player.

5. Trevor Reilly, 2014 (Last Year: 5)

Reilly does not look like much more than a special teamer.

6. Tommy Bohanon, 2013 (Last Year: 6)

Bohanon has gotten a lot of starting experience, but he is not a particularly great lead blocker, nor is he a great receiver out of the backfield.

7. Nate Garner, 2008 (Last Year: 4)

Garner never started a game for the Jets, but the offensive lineman did get some playing time after moving to the Dolphins.

8. Jordan White, 2012 (Last Year: 7)

White was a prolific college receiver, but he had just one NFL catch.

9. Titus Adams, 2006 (Last Year: 8)

The 2006 Draft class was great for the Jets, but Adams was a forgettable footnote. He never played for the Jets.

10. Scotty McKnight, 2011 (Last Year: 10)

Who knew bad things could happen when you pick a player based not on his ability but instead on his friendship with the team's quarterback.