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The Draft is Near! Bring On The Smokescreens? (Or are they??)

Now is the time when the rumors fly

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We are one day out from the draft, and right about... now is when the rumors start getting hot and heavy. So let's get into it!

Jets Keeping Mo?

Ian Rapoport is saying that the Jets fielded offers on Mo Wilkerson, but seem unlikely to move him.

Sounds to me like the Jets do want to move Mo, but were getting crap offers. I suspect Mo will be here for 2016, afterwards is a big question mark.

Jets going after a wide receiver?

Rapoport also had this to say.

This is slightly interesting not necessarily for the fact that the Jets could be thinking WR in the first, but the fact that the 2 sexy and obvious names of Laquon Treadwell and Corey Coleman aren't mentioned. Just smoke or actual intel? Hmmmmmmm.

Jets fighting with Rex for Paxton Lynch?

Jason Cole, currently of Bleacher Report, gives us a report that the Jets and Bills are both "extremely interested" in Paxton Lynch, and may need to trade up to secure him.

If this is true, the Bills are in a bit of a power position by virtue of sitting in front of the Jets- by one spot. Lynch is not a very popular player here but still, if Maccagnan loved Lynch only to get beat out by Rex Ryan, and Lynch turned into a star, that will hurt the Jets fan base for a long while.

Jets out on Bradford

According to Jeff Darlington, who works for the NFL Network, in an interview with ESPN's Philly radio affiliate, the Jets have no interest in Sam Bradford.

I don't know if they were ever "in" on Bradford, and the compensation is ridiculously high. The aim still seems to be signing Fitzpatrick, but we're almost to the draft and he's still a free agent so... what is going on?

As we continue to move forward, we're going to get more and more. The NFL draft is the ultimate shell game and this one is more intriguing than usual. It's shaping up to be an interesting next couple of days (though, when is it not?).