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New York Jets Sixth Round Draft Picks of the Last Decade Ranked

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

As we rank Jets Draft picks from the last decade, we now move into the sixth round. Quality picks this late tend to be few and far between. How few and far between have they been for the Jets recently? We will find out.

1. Matt Slauson, 2009 (Last Year: 1)

The 2009 Draft will not be remembered well in Jets history. The team only made three selections because of two different trade ups. All the Jets got from those trades were Mark Sanchez and Shonn Greene. In the sixth round, the Jets chose Matt Slauson, who ended up a three year starter. He was a solid if unspectacular offensive lineman before the team let him leave for the Bears in free agency.

2. Drew Coleman, 2006 (Last Year: 2)

Coleman grew into a nice depth piece in Rex Ryan's defense. He was never going to be a capable starter, but he had value as a nickel and a blitzer in subpackages.

3. Quincy Enunwa, 2014 (Last Year: 8)

Enunwa is the big riser of the year. After contributing nothing as a rookie, he gave the Jets value during his second year as a blocking tight end. His mobility opened up some creative blocking schemes. Now the question is whether he can give the team anything out of the passing game. There were late season flashes, but his hands were a major problem. Enunwa's ability to develop into a receiving option might determine whether he will be a valuable player for a few years on a rookie deal or whether he can develop into a long-term role player.

4. Josh Bush, 2012 (Last Year: 6)

Bush had opportunities to make a difference. The Jets never had safety depth during his time with the team. He could never carve out a niche, though. He lasted a shade under two and a half seasons.

5. Jacob Bender, 2007 (Last Year: 7)

The Nicholls State offensive lineman had fans as a potential sleeper, but he only lasted one season with the Jets.

6. Marcus Henry, 2008 (Last Year: 9)

Henry, a wide receiver from Kansas, never recorded a reception for the Jets or even active for a regular season game.

7. William Campbell, 2013 (Last Year: 10)

The thinking behind this pick always seemed dicey at best. Campbell was a major disappointment in college at Michigan. He was a top recruit who did not pan out on the defensive line. The Jets hoped to convert him to the offensive line. Unsurprisingly, this did not work out.

8. IK Enemkpali, 2014 (Last Year: 4)

While I am sure, people will make idiotic jokes about how he should rank higher, this is a player who threw away the opportunity of a lifetime and seriously injured a teammate. There's nothing funny about that.

9. Terrance Ganaway, 2012; Robert Griffin, 2012, Tajh Boyd, 2014, Brandon Dixon, 2014 (tie) (Last Year: Tied at 11)

None of these players even made it onto the Week 1 roster as rookies.