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New York Jets Fifth Round Draft Picks of the Last Decade Ranked

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Let's continue our rankings of Jets Draft picks over the last decade. Now we are at the fifth round. This is the point of the Draft where talent tails off. If you find a player here, you are pretty smart and pretty lucky. How have the Jets done?

1. Jeremy Kerley, 2011 (Last Year: 1)

Kerley's time with the Jets is now over. The last two years were not productive, but he was a successful fifth round pick by almost any measure. At his best, he was a quality slot receiver. His punt returning also quietly improved over the years to passable. For a stretch, he was the only Jets receiver on the roster who even seemed to belong in the NFL.

2. John Conner, 2010 (Last Year: 3)

Conner was famously a Rex Pick. Mike Tannenbaum gave Rex Ryan a third day pick each year. Connor was the man in 2010. He became a star of Hard Knocks. His play was passable but unspectacular in two stints with the team.

3. Oday Aboushi, 2013 (Last Year: 2)

In the dying days of the Idzik regime, people grasped at straws to find anything positive the former general manager had done. Aboushi was hailed as a success story because he was promoted to the starting lineup by a Brian Winters injury in 2014. Aboushi's play was uninspiring, though, and he was ultimately cut in 2015. The Jets carried ten offensive linemen on their roster for much of the year, and Aboushi could not even make that cut.

4. Jarvis Harrison, 2015 (Last Year: NR)

Harrison did not play in his rookie year and spent much time on the practice squad. He should have every opportunity to win a starting guard spot in camp this year. We have no idea how good he can be.

5. Jason Pociask, 2006 (Last Year: 4)

He was part of the great 2006 Draft haul, but Pociask struggled to stick in the NFL. He did not last long with the Jets.

6. Erik Ainge (Last Year: 5)

Ainge got a lot of buzz as a late round sleeper in 2008. He struggled with personal demons, however, and was out of the league in three years without ever throwing a pass.

7. Jeremiah George (Last Year: 6)

Unlike the other players on this list, George did not even make the Jets Week 1 roster as a rookie.