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Sizing Up the Jets' Draft Competition for Quarterbacks: Picks 21-31

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

We have talked about how likely it is for the teams in front of the Jets to take a quarterback. What about the teams picking behind them? Are there any that might try to trade ahead of the Jets for a signal caller?

Once again, here is our Rex Ryan-Mark Sanchez color coded grading system.

Red: Little chance of this team drafting a quarterback early

Yellow: This team drafting a quarterback early is plausible but not the most pressing matter

Green: This team has a high likelihood of drafting a quarterback early

21. Washington Redskins

Current Starter: Kirk Cousins

Grade: Red

Is Kirk Cousins the future in Washington? It is tough to say. After a promising year, they sure hope so. He is sure to get a chance. This is not a team likely to invest in a quarterback.

22. Houston Texans

Current Starter: Brock Osweiler

Grade: Red

The Texans just made a huge investment to make Osweiler their starter. They are not about to invest a first round pick in another quarterback

23. Minnesota Vikings

Current Starter: Teddy Bridgewater

Grade: Red

How high is Bridgewater's ceiling? That is up for debate, but he has shown enough in his first two years for the Vikings to continue to build their future around him.

24. Cincinnati Bengals

Current Starter: Andy Dalton

Grade: Red

Dalton seemed like he was making big strides last year before he got hurt. As a backup, the Bengals have a young quarterback in A.J. McCarron who would have a fourth quarter Playoff comeback to his record had some of his teammates on defense not melted down.

25. Pittsburgh Steelers

Current Starter: Ben Roethlisberger

Grade: Yellow

I want to say red, but Roethlisberger is 34 and always banged up. I think it is unlikely the Steelers would take a quarterback, but I could see them as a wild card.

26. Seattle Seahawks

Current Starter: Russell Wilson

Grade: Red

Seattle started shifting more of the offensive load to Wilson last year, and he rose to the occasion. It would be surprising if he was not a star with the Seahawks for a long time.

27. Green Bay Packers

Current Starter: Aaron Rodgers

Grade: Red

Who would take a quarterback with Rodgers in his prime?

28. Kansas City Chiefs

Current Starter: Alex Smith

Grade: Red

You might not love Smith, but he has been the quarterback on three straight winning teams in Kansas City. How much of that is due to him is up to debate, but the people running the Chiefs seem satisfied.

*New England Patriots

Current Starter: Tom Brady

Grade: Red

The Patriots lost their first round pick due to the deflated footballs controversy. Brady is near the end of the line, but they have a recent second round pick in Jimmy Garoppolo in whom they were willing to trust a quarter of their season to last year.

29. Arizona Cardinals

Current Starter: Carson Palmer

Grade: Yellow

Palmer might continue his late career renaissance in 2016, but the Cardinals need to think about the future. They do not want to find themselves without a viable option when Palmer retires like they were when Kurt Warner called it quits.

30. Carolina Panthers

Current Starter: Cam Newton

Grade: Red

Teams with 26 year old reigning MVP's tend to not look for replacements at quarterback.

31. Denver Broncos

Current Starter: Mark Sanchez

Grade: Green

The Broncos are aiming to repeat as Super Bowl Champions. Call me crazy, but I don't think Mark Sanchez is a good quarterback to having starting in such a situation.