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Brian Hoyer Visiting the Jets Today

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Quarterback Brian Hoyer will visit the Jets today.

The Jets did have legitimate interest in signing Hoyer a year ago when the quarterback was a free agent. Ironically, Hoyer's decision to turn the Jets down set into motion a series of events that helped the Jets have a successful season. When he signed with the Texans, Ryan Fitzpatrick became expendable. The Jets traded for Fitzpatrick, and you know the rest.

Now will Hoyer replace Fitzpatrick for a second straight season? We will soon know how serious the Jets are and how much of this is posturing. I am sure you can selectively use stats to argue Hoyer would be as good as Fitzpatrick, but I have a tough time he would be as effective on this team with this offensive system based on what we saw last year. I do not get the feeling many Texans fans would replace Fitzpatrick with Hoyer if they had the chance to do it over again.