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Are You Happy to See the Jets in Another Color Rush Game?

Al Bello/Getty Images

Last year when the Jets and Bills played a Thursday Night Football game, it was the first time the NFL used the bright color rush uniforms you see in the picture above. The experiment did not go particularly well. Many thought the uniforms were ugly. A bigger problem was the use of solid green and red uniforms for the teams created a problem for colorblind fans viewing the game.

The NFL promised to take that into consideration in the future. The league is back with color rush uniforms again for Thursday Night Football games this year. The Jets and the Bills will once again feature the uniforms in Week 2. What changes will be made? We do not know for sure. There is an unconfirmed leak that the colors will look like this.

Once again, this is unconfirmed although publications like Deadspin and CBS have picked it up. Sometimes these leaks do not pan out like the NFL Pro Combat uniforms from a few years back. If this leak is legitimate, the Jets and Bills would be wearing similar red and green uniforms like the league said it would avoid.

In any event, are you happy to see color rush uniforms back? I am not. In fact, I use these color rush uniforms as a response to anybody who says the Jets should change their uniform design. Look at new NFL uniform designs. Look at the Color Rush. Look at uniform changes by teams like the Dolphins, Bucs, and Browns. Almost every uniform change associated with the league is ugly.