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What Are Jets Players Doing at the Offseason Program?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was the first day of the Jets' offseason program. So what are the players doing right now?

It is a nine week program that is divided into three phases. The first phase lasts for two weeks. During this first phase, activities are limited to strength and conditioning and rehab on the field. Since this is the case, only strength and conditioning coaches may be on the field.

There is one exception. Quarterbacks and receivers are allowed to throw and catch on the field on a purely voluntary basis. Coaches are not allowed to oversee this, and the players cannot wear helmets.

Players are limited to 90 total minutes on the field per day during this first phase.

Off the field, coaches are able to conduct meetings and allowed to discuss football matters with players for the first time in the offseason.

Attendance for this part of the offseason program is voluntary for players.