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Jets Retain Kenbrell Thompkins; Lose Ryan Quigley

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Kenbrell Thompkins has signed his restircted free agent offer sheet.

Thompkins caught 17 passes for the Jets in 2015, including a 43 yarder late in the fourth quarter against the Cowboys to set up a game-winning field goal for a critical win. Thompkins' contract is for one year and around $1.6 million.

In other news, the Jets lost punter Ryan Quigley to the Eagles.

Like Thompkins, Quigley was a restricted free agent. Unlike Thompkins, the Jets did not offer him a contract. This is no great surprise. Quigley regressed in many ways last season, and a miserable performance Week 17 contributed to the Jets losing to the Bills and missing the Playoffs. Finding a new punter seemed inevitable.