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Sizing Up the Jets' Draft Competition for Quarterbacks: Picks 11-19

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

We have looked at the quarterback needs of teams picking 1-10 in the NFL Draft. Now let's take a look at those picking from 11-19. These are still teams picking in front of the Jets, but it would be more plausible to see the Jets jump these teams in a potential trade up scenario.

Once again, our Rex Ryan/Mark Sanchez color coded grading system is as follows.

Red: Little chance of this team drafting a quarterback early

Yellow: This team drafting a quarterback early is plausible but not the most pressing matter

Green: This team has a high likelihood of drafting a quarterback early

11. Chicago Bears

Current Starter: Jay Cutler

Grade: Yellow

Jay Cutler's play was better than expected in 2015, but the Bears can finally get out of his albatross of a contract after the 2016 season. They do not necessarily need a quarterback immediately, but they will need to find one in the next two offseasons.

12. New Orleans Saints

Current Starter: Drew Brees

Grade: Yellow

Brees has put together an incredible legacy in New Orleans, but he is 37 and entering the final year of his contract. A succession plan does not necessarily need to be in place today, but it also has to be on the minds of the people running the Saints. A factor might be how much the organization believes in 2015 third round pick Garrett Grayson.

13. Miami Dolphins

Current Starter: Ryan Tannehill

Grade: Red

For better or worse, Mike Tannenbaum committed the Dolphins to Tannehill with a big extension that seemed puzzling even at the time. Tannehill did not exactly look like a guy on a franchise quarterback trajectory last year, but the Dolphins have little choice but to ride him for another year.

14. Oakland Raiders

Current Starter: Derek Carr

Grade: Red

There is legitimate room for optimism in Oakland for the first time in a long time. A lot of that has to do with the strides Carr made in his second season. The Raiders will look to add to his supporting cast, not replace him.

15. Tennessee Titans

Current Starter: Marcus Mariota

Grade: Red

The Titans by all accounts are pleased with how Mariota looks. They also have a young, cheap backup with experience in Zach Mettenberger. They are not looking for a quarterback. That is why they moved down fourteen slots.

16. Detroit Lions

Current Starter: Matthew Stafford

Grade: Red

The various trade buzz we have heard the last few months has seemed more like wishful thinking than anything else. There is little sign the Lions have any interest in moving Stafford. Why would they? Talented 28 year old quarterbacks do not grow on trees.

17. Atlanta Falcons

Current Starter: Matt Ryan

Grade: Red

It has been a rough few seasons for the Falcons, but you cannot blame Ryan for that. He is quietly putting together an excellent career.

18. Indianapolis Colts

Current Starter: Andrew Luck

Grade: Red

No explanation necessary.

19. Buffalo Bills

Current Starter: Tyrod Taylor

Grade: Yellow

Taylor performed like an able game manager, and the Buffalo coaching staff did a good job working around his limitations for the most part. Can Taylor grow into a plus starter? That remains to be seen. If the Bills really bought into him, you would think they would be more willing to work on an extension before the last year of Taylor's contract. The Bills can get by with what they have, but an upgrade at quarterback could be the difference between being a Playoff contender and a Super Bowl contender.