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Report: Muhammad Wilkerson Expected to Skip Jets Voluntary Workouts

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Manish Metha reports Muhammad Wilkerson will likely miss the start of the Jets' offseason program.

The first phase of the offseason program is about conditioning. It is unclear the extent to which Wilkerson could have participated anyway given he is recovering from a broken leg.

Wilkerson's missing the workouts would likely be more symbolic of discontent with his contract situation than anything else. He skipped these workouts last year when he was seeking a new contract. Missing these workouts is a fairly frequent ploy of players looking for a new deal since there is nothing a team can do about it.

The question is how far Wilkerson would go. He can take this further than he did last year. Since he has not signed the one year contract the Jets offered on the franchise tag, he is technically not a player under contract. He is not compelled to attend anything. For all intents and purposes, Wilkerson is at this time a restricted free agent. He would not have to attend any of the offseason program or training camp unless he signs before that point. Of course, this becomes moot if the Jets trade him before the Draft, but it is uncertain whether they will part with him for an underwhelming return.

This is another domino in a game that will take some time to play out.