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Sizing Up the Jets' Draft Competition for Quarterbacks: Picks 1-10

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We can only guess whether the Jets want to draft a quarterback. If they do, what teams might beat them to the punch? Let's start by looking at the teams picking in the top ten. The Jets would probably not realistically be able to trade up to get ahead of most of these teams.

In honor of the color coded quarterbacking system Rex Ryan used to use for Mark Sanchez, we will grade using colors.

Red: Little chance of this team drafting a quarterback early

Yellow: This team drafting a quarterback early is plausible but not the most pressing matter

Green: This team has a high likelihood of drafting a quarterback early

1. Los Angeles Rams

Current Starter: Case Keenum

Grade: Green

The Rams just gave up six premium picks to move up to the top spot. They're drafting a quarterback. You can take that to the bank.

2. Cleveland Browns

Current Starter: Robert Griffin III

Grade: Green

Let's be serious. The Browns gave Griffin the type of contract you give a veteran placeholder who prevents you from needing to throw a rookie quarterback to the wolves. It might be tempting to think RG3 can revitalize his career, but he hasn't looked special since 2012. That was a long time ago. How long ago? The Jets were still in the Tannenbaum/Sanchez Era.

3. San Diego Chargers

Current Starter: Philip Rivers

Grade: Red

Rivers is 34, but there are no indications the Chargers are considering moving on. He is in the second year of an extension with a no trade clause so San Diego is unlikely to take a quarterback.

4. Dallas Cowboys

Current Starter: Tony Romo

Grade: Yellow

Romo will be 36 at the point the season starts. The Cowboys are left with a classic dilemma. Do they try to load up the roster to take one last run with Romo, or do they plan for a future without him? There has been buzz in recent years about the Cowboys drafting Romo's eventually successor. Jerry Jones also frequently invests a lot in backup quarterbacks. Given Romo's age and potential for health problems, a new quarterback might have to help the Cowboys in the short run as well as the long run.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars

Current Starter: Blake Bortles

Grade: Red

Bortles was the third overall pick two years ago, and he showed real signs of growth in his second year. Jacksonville is looking for a piece to help them make a big jump. They will not be taking a quarterback.

6. Baltimore Ravens

Current Starter: Joe Flacco

Grade: Red

There is no sign the Ravens are interested in moving on from Joe Flacco. Even if they were, his contract does not make that plausible for three to four years.

7. San Francisco 49ers

Current Starter: Colin Kapernick (?)

Grade: Green

The Niners are in the middle of trade negotiations for Kaepernick. They are reportedly willing to take a day three pick to get rid of him. They can claim all they want that they are comfortable with keeping him. If you believe in a quarterback, you aren't looking to deal him for a middle round selection. San Francisco seems very much in the market for a signal caller.

8. Philadelphia Eagles

Current Starter: Sam Bradford

Grade: Yellow

The Eagles are committed to Sam Bradford for at least one year. They could conceivably get out of that contract after one yea. I tend to think this is unlikely, but if the Eagles fall in love with a prospect, they are a possibility.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Current Starter: Jameis Winston

Grade: Red

The Bucs are pleased with the progress of a quarterback they took at the top of last year's Draft and have a young, cheap backup with some experience in Mike Glennon. They will not be drafting another one early.

10. New York Giants

Current Starter: Eli Manning

Grade: Red

Eli is 35 years old. Under certain circumstances, this might the Giants a candidate to think about the future. They just promoted their offensive coordinator to head coach to keep Eli in a system he knows, though. They do not seem like they are looking to go in another direction any time soon.