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Jets 2016 Opponents: What Would the Best Schedule Look Like?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL schedule is being released tonight. We already know the sixteen opponents the Jets will face.

Home: Buffalo, Miami, New England, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Seattle, Indianapolis

Road: Buffalo, Miami, New England, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Arizona, San Francisco, Kansas City

With this, I ask you what the best order of these games would be for the Jets?

To be honest, I have no great preference. I personally think the releasing of the schedule is one of the most overhyped events of the year. Every season we get instant analysis based on which teams were good and bad last year. Then the season comes, and a bunch of the teams that were supposed to be good actually stink. And a bunch of the teams that are supposed to stink end up good.

My only real preference is to have a bye as late as possible so the Jets can be fresh and healthy for a Playoff push.

What are your preferences, though. If you could design an ideal schedule, what would it look like?