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Jets Draft Rumors: Christian Hackenberg To Visit Jets

According to Kimberly Martin, the former Penn State QB will visit with the Jets today.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday John took a closer look at Christian Hackenberg, and it was later revealed that he would be visiting with the Jets today. There has been significant draft buzz around Hackenberg being a player of interest to the Jets, and it seems as though the Jets brass want to take a closer look:

I really wanted to like the tape of Christian Hackenberg, he has a lot of the same traits that you'd look for in an NFL QB.

Obviously with the Ryan Fitzpatrick situation dragging on and there being no solid solution to the Jets QB problems already on the roster, the Jets may be looking to catch lightning in a bottle with Hackenberg. A player who has plenty of talent, but who was surrounded by mediocre talent and struggled with consistency.

When a QB averages less than 200 yards per game in his final season in college, and throws the amount of interceptions that Christian does, there are always going to be question marks surrounding him. A lot of people really don't like his chances and I have to admit to not loving the idea of him playing QB for the Jets.