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Jets Free Agent Rumor Tracker: Raiders the Competition for Erin Henderson

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Connor Hughes says the Jets are trying to keep free agent linebacker Erin Henderson, but the Raiders are providing competition for his services.

Clearly, it is difficult to say what will happen without knowing the exact dollar figures these teams are willing to offer. It would seem logical to conclude that Henderson is looking at a relatively inexpensive deal. He did not get a ton of playing time a year after not being in the league. Then again, logic frequently takes a holiday when it comes to spending in free agency.

If Henderson's primary motivation is money, and Oakland's primary motivation is landing Henderson, it might be difficult for the Jets to keep him. The Raiders have more cap space. If Henderson is focused on his future, perhaps he will take a short-term deal with the Jets feeling confident he can play well in a system he knows.