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Jets Free Agency: What Do Players Want?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Matt Bowen posted an interesting article about what free agents want when they sign with a new team. He named seven factors.

1. Money

2. Location

3. Low state taxes

4.Winning organizations

5. Familiarity with coaches

6. Scheme fit that maximizes talent

7. Good family situation

Bowen implies that money is the most important factor, and that makes sense. You and I might do well in life to get a small but steady raise every year. That isn't the way things work in the NFL. Careers are short. Most players never get one chance to cash in during free agency. For those who do, it might be a once in a lifetime opportunity to assure financial security for them and their loved ones for life.

Every year I hear players being criticized for being money hungry. Why shouldn't they be? They're putting their bodies on the line. One hit, and they could be cut with no compensation.

In any event, give Bowen's story a read. It's an interesting look at how players view free agency.