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Jets Free Agency: Who Are the Ryan Fitzpatrick Alternatives?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

With the rumor that the Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick are far away from a deal, it might be worth exploring some of the other potential options for the team in free agency. While the Jets could theoretically go to camp with just Geno Smith and Bryce Petty, it seems likely the team would look to somebody more accomplished. Who are some of the potential options? Let's break them into categories.

The Unknowns

These players offer potential intrigue. They have potential upside, and their ceilings are unknown because they haven't played much.

Brock Osweiler (Broncos)

Pros: Only 25 years old, has all of the physical tools needed in a quarterback.

Cons: Only 7 career starts, was up and down and eventually benched.

Chase Daniel (Chiefs)

Pros: Has worked under Sean Payton and Andy Reid, excellent offensive coaches.

Cons: Only 79 career pass attempts, physically limited.

The Reclamation Projects

These players showed flashes of ability early in their careers but have fallen upon hard times. Do they need a change of scenery?

Colin Kaepernick (49ers)

Pros: Physical specimen, quarterbacked the 49ers on a pair of deep postseason runs.

Cons: Hasn't developed at all as a passer, despite being portrayed as having a bad season his career trajectory has been in a steady decline since his spectacular debut season, bad contract, might require a trade to acquire.

Robert Griffin III (Redskins)

Pros: Had one of the most spectacular rookie seasons in NFL history, by all accounts handled a humbling demotion with class  and was a good teammate in 2015.

Cons: Like Kaepernick hasn't developed as a passer, might never be the same physically after rookie injuries.

The Veterans

With a couple of young high ceiling, low floor quarterbacks, would the Jets opt for a quarterback with a high floor to balance out the risk? Ryan Fitzpatrick was a low ceiling, high floor quarterback entering 2015, and he panned out.

Matt Moore (Dolphins)

Pros: 25 games of starting experience with around league average production, likely to be cheap.

Cons: Hasn't started a game since 2011 so it is unclear whether the soon to be 32 year old has regressed.

Drew Stanton (Cardinals)

Pros: Veteran, some starting experience

Cons: His production has been poor, despite winning some games for the Cardinals his play was quietly not good at all, tortured history with the Jets.