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Mike Tannenbaum Already Trading Draft Picks for Overpaid Players

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Tannenbaum used to be the general manager of the Jets. He became famous for trading away too many Draft picks and spending too exorbitantly on players. By the end of his tenure with the Jets, he oversaw one of the least talented rosters in the league that somehow also had one of the least flexible cap situations. The offseason has not even officially begun yet, but he is already up to his old tricks trading for Byron Maxwell, widely considered a free agent bust for the Eagles.

Jason Fitzgerald of Over the Cap has the puzzling implications of the move from the Miami standpoint.

From Miami’s standpoint the trade is a bit cloudier. His $8.5 million salary and cap charge are more in line with Maxwell’s true value as a number 2 corner, but the $3 million guarantee for 2017 could make this an $11.5 million one year contract. That is a steep price to pay for someone who generally was considered a failure last year. The backend of the contract ranges between $10 and $11 million a season so there is no discount there which puts them in a weird spot if they trade for him and he plays decently but not good enough to justify the high cost.

James Walker of ESPN says the Eagles will get Draft compensation.