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Jets Free Agency Set to Begin

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Today is a big day on the NFL calendar. Free agency officially begins on Wednesday. Free agent players can start talking with other teams starting today at noon. It is known as the legal tampering period.

The NFL has stated in the past that players may negotiate contracts with teams but they may not agree to a contract before Wednesday. Does that sound nonsensical to you? Again, they are allowed to negotiate but not agree to a deal. Welcome to the NFL offseason.

Players are not allowed to visit with teams until free agency officially opens. Teams are also only allowed to communicate with agents, not players. Players who do not have agents are not allowed to speak with teams even though they are technically acting as their own agent.

Despite the NFL's contradictory rules, we typically start hearing about deals made during the legal tampering period. The Jets have a number of key free agents.

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