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Jets Offseason Moves: Rating the Likelihood of Defensive Free Agents Staying

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Damon Harrison

Likelihood of staying: 4/10

The buzz seems to be that the Jets would like to keep Harrison, but Muhammad Wilkerson has been the bigger priority. Giving the franchise tag to Wilkerson was a clear signal this was true. I know Harrison said on the radio that money was not his sole focus. I take that to mean that he won't just jump to the highest bidder automatically if that higher bidder is a dysfunctional franchise. I didn't take that to mean he will be staying with the Jets at any cost. I feel like some team out there that needs help stopping the run is going to step up and pay too much for a two down defender.

Demario Davis

Likelihood of staying: 2/10

Davis went from being a full-time player at the start of the season to a spare part. What the Jets got out of Davis over four years was not a complete catastrophe for a third round pick, but he was not a Draft success story. He never developed the way everybody was hoping he would.

Erin Henderson

Likelihood of staying: 7/10

The Jets have a need. Henderson is still rebuilding his career. What better place for him to reassert his value than on a cheap prove it deal in a system he knows?

Calvin Pace

Likelihood of staying: 3/10

This is higher than I originally thought I would put Pace. Todd Bowles has made repeated reference to the idea the Jets need to get younger and more athletic. Pace happens to occupy a premium position on Bowles' defense and has neither youth nor athleticism. The only reason I put Pace as high as 3/10 is his Jets career has had more lives than a cat. I have been figuring since 2012 that Pace would move on, and the Jets have kept bringing him back.