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Moving Up The Draft for the Jets - Who Would You Make A Move For?

Trading up in the draft is always a risky bit of business, but if you're so sure there is an elite talent to be had, you make that move.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I was watching Draft Day last night and despite appreciating just how incredibly far-fetched it all is, I always find that film entertaining. Maybe it's just because it's based around football and the draft, my favourite sport and one of my favourite days of the year. However it got me thinking about 2016, and if there was a player who I liked so much, and who I was so confident about, that I'd consider trading up for.

Of course there are several variances to this hypothetical. How far you'd need to move up etc. Lets just put a loose framework in place, to move up for this player you have to give up two 1st round picks and more...

I listened this week as many people waxed poetic about Carson Wentz. He performed well at the combine, interviewed well and got several teams excited. If you believe that Carson is the long-term answer at QB, do you move up for him. The answer is almost certainly yes, if you have the opportunity to snag a franchise QB, then you do it, no matter what.

Now you know pretty much everything there is to know about these prospects. You've seen them work out in shorts, you've read the media reports and you've focused on their entire college careers. You know if they've been in trouble and if they've experienced any injuries, so now you're in the perfect spot to make a decision.

There are many theories out there. Some suggesting that targeting the elite and sacrificing quantity is a good idea. Some go the other way and specify that stockpiling picks and making multiple selections gives you a better chance to hit on potential stars and improves the overall quality of your team.

I want to know if there is a player in this draft that you'd move up for, and if the answer to that question is yes, why?