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Jets Special Teams Stinks it Up: Recapping Weeks 10-13

10 more touchdowns are added to the list including a new frontrunner for worst play of the year.

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A brief recap before we begin:

The Jets surrendered 18 touchdowns in the prior 8 games. Of those, Cro was responsible for just over 5 and was lapping the nearest competition by double. Meanwhile the LOLJETS had two special team miscues and a horrendous job of coverage and tackling in the first 8 weeks.

They would surrender 10 more in the next 4 including a quadruple wammy against Houston. Let's view the damage.


Week 10: Vs. Buffalo

1. The Play: Duke Williams Fumble Recovery

The Blame:  Devin Smith (90%)  Coaching Staff (10%)

Reasoning: Devin Smith is obvious for fumbling the ball. The coaching staff gets the blame for even thinking this was a good idea. I'm sorry but the guy is still learning the game, it's a rivalry, and a low scoring game too boot. You think you'd want sure hands. Nope let's put the rookie in and shocker, he blows it.

Kotiteness: 4.0/5 Rich's. While not the "butt fumble game 5 minutes of hell" finale that was the Julian Edelman recovery on a kickoff, this was bad. Bad enough to get a very high Rich score and Kotite rating. However, it's also unfortuate that ball could not have rolled to a better spot for the Bills to scoop and run it in. For that you get some sympathy, but not a lot.

2. The Play Karlos Williams 26 yard Pass

The Blame: Davis (55%) Gilchrist (45%)

Reasoning: Davis is the direct cover man who jumps the wheel route a bit too hard. This allows Williams to undercut the route and turn it more into a post than a true wheel route. Gilchrist gets exposed as a guy who doesn't quite know where he wants to go. He gets major blame for being unable to stop the route before Williams gets pay dirt.

Kotiteness: 3.0/5 Rich's. A solid rating here where Davis gets exposed and Gilchrist gets so lost you'd think he's Clark Griswold. He's awful on this play and it really isn't a good example of decent defense. In fact, it's a good example of burnt toast.


Week 11: @ Houston

1. The Play Hopkins 61 Yard Catch

The Blame: 100% Revis

Reasoning: It's a tough matchup against Hopkins but he burns Revis really well. For those that know anything about Hopkins, he's probably top 3 WR playing with junk QB's. The guy is legit. This isn't a huge slam on Revis but you'd hope that he could do somewhat better against an elite WR.

Kotiteness: 2.7/5 Rich's. Getting burned by one of the best WR in the game? Not awful. Getting burned that bad? Gets you above the average rating. Revis was toast here.

2. Alfred Blue 21 yard Pass (trick play)

The Blame: Davis (100%)

Reasoning: It's a tough play here for Davis. To be fair the Jets run a safety blitz from that side meaning that they played right into the trick play. On the other hand, Davis gets caught watching the screen pass and let's Blue run by him. Literally watches him run by him.

Kotiteness: 3.5/5 Rich's. A tough call here. It's LOL worthy because of how wide open the RB gets and how far Davis let's him blow by him. On the other hand the Jets ran the safety blitz which was the exact perfect defense for this play to work. Davis gets a ton of blame here, but really what a great time for the call by the Texans. A rare case of a great offensive call getting a high Kotite rating, but Davis blew this one badly and deserves the shame.

3. The Play Hopkins 20 yard Pass

The Blame: Coaches (50%) Williams (50%)

The Reasoning: Coaches get a solid half here for running a safety blitz to the side of the field Hopkins was on. It left one on one coverage in the hands of Marcus Williams. He shares the blame for letting Hopkins by him, but the play call: woof.

Kotiteness: 2.5/5 Rich's. Ladies and gentleman your more than likely 2016 number two corner. He got roasted by Hopkins but to be fair, so did a lot of other CB's. While Williams sort of held his own and didn't look totally lost, the coaching staff here gets some blame for this atrocious play call that left Hopkins 1 on 1 with a backup CB.


Week 12: Vs. Dolphins

1. The Play: Landry 5 yard Pass

The Blame: Walls (100%)

The Reasoning: Walls had 1 on 1 with Landry. He got beat on the arrow route to the sideline. Not much else too it really.

Kotiteness: .8/5 Rich's. A 3rd or 4th CB getting beat by their number one? More on a good use of formations rather than anything the Jets did wrong.

2. The Play: Jennings 5 yard Pass

The Blame: Walls (100%)

Reasoning: Getting fooled so bad that you slam into the WR is bad; it's LOL JETS when the WR runs through your inadvertent body check and beats you on the route.


Kotiteness: 2.5/5 Rich's. Garbage time TD's are still garbage time TD's. However, Walls was so fooled he literally slammed into the WR. Somehow the WR recovered and beat Walls to the inside. That's pretty much a 1.5 Rich on the body check alone. Otherwise, Meh.

3. The Play: Parker 33 yard Pass

The Blame:  Cro (75)% Gilchrist (25%)

Reasoning: Cro does coverage the way it's not taught in books. Give a 10 yard cushion, break on the route, be completely out of control after the catch is made, and finally whiff on the tackle. Gilchrist ups the ante by himself whiffing on a tackle.

Kotiteness: 4.0/5 Rich's. Screw garbage time this has a full LOL worthy sequence of tackles. All that was missing is the players smashing into themselves... because yeah that was not good.


Week 13: @ Giants

1. The Play: Harris 80 yard punt return.

The Blame: Quigley (50%) Punt unit (50%)

Reasoning: Not quite as awful looking as the Sproles return but this has the hallmarks of failure. Out kicking the coverage again, Quigley gets half the blame, but the unit-- lead by Devin Smith looked pretty awful as well.

Kotiteness: 4.1/5 Rich's. The return isn't quite as bad as you think for a strange reason. The fake punt return with OBJ actually helps keep the Rich score down. Sure it took 3 guys technically out of the play, but that's more of play design rather than Jets falling for the Harvin on the ground play. Let me explain: you have to cover the throw back, so in a weird case the Jets played it right with the gunner staying near BJ, but that upped the chance for the big gainer for Harris by taking them out of the play . Still though that tackling by Smith. That's just not good man. And the fact that Harris stumbled for 5 yards shows the Jets punt unit wasn't even close.

2. The Play: OBJ 72 yard pass

The Blame: Secondary (100%)

Reasoning: It's rare I call out a unit for this play, but from that week's chalkboard I couldn't tell what the Jets were doing on defense. The fact that it's the among the best WR in the game that you forget to cover and it's embarrassing.

Kotiteness: 4.6/5. I'm not saying this is the play, but I'm saying I had to find reasons to score it this low. Special shout out to Gilchrist whose first steps were as if he got stuck in quicksand. That play is just embarrassing. I have no words.


Weeks 10-13 Top Duds:

Walls: 2.0

Davis 1.55

Secondary: 1.0

Revis 1.0

D. Smith .9

Cro: .75

Gilchrist .7

Coaching staff .6

Williams: .5

Quigley: .5

Punt unit .5

Brian Jackson Trophy Leaderboard:

Cro: 6.10

Davis 3.37

Skrine 2.00

Walls: 2.00

Revis: 2.00

Gilchrist 1.85

Coaching Staff: 1.60

Williams 1.20

Coples 1.10

Quigley 1.10

Defense (collective failure) : 1.00

Harris: 1.0

Secondary: 1.0

D. Smith .90

Punt Coverage  .90

Pass rush .48

Harrison .40

Cro is still pacing this thing although Davis had a rough set of games. Newcomer to the list Darrin Walls had a rough game against Miami and gets into the top 5. Overall it's Cro's to win.

And the Fake Spike trophy added a new contender. The OBJ TD is very close to winning this thing, but has strong competition from the Sproles return and the big play in Oakland. Not a very fun four week stretch at all, but the Giants game did end on a happier note... so there's that.