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ESPN NFL Power Rankings: Jets Rank 15th

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN came out with power rankings at the end of free agency. They put the Jets 15th in the NFL.

Stats & Information's take: Matt Forte was a nice addition, but he doesn't play quarterback. Will the Jets cave and sign Ryan Fitzpatrick, who set the franchise record for passing touchdowns last season (31)?

The Jets were the 13th team at the end of the 2015 season, the only NFL squad with a winning record to be left out of the Playoffs. The changes made on the team do not seem to have affected perceptions much. The only teams ahead of them were eleven of those Playoff teams and three teams that saw their 2015 seasons derailed by injuries, Dallas, Indianapolis, and Baltimore.

Of course, power rankings do not mean anything on their best day. This is only to offer a view as to where people think the Jets stand relative to the rest of the NFL.