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Stevan Ridley Visiting Lions

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Free agent running back Stevan Ridley is visiting the Detroit Lions.

Ridley is likely to be one and done with the Jets. The back signed a one year contract last offseason. His recovery from a serious knee injury led him to start the season on the PUP list. He played in only 8 games and had only 90 yards on 36 rushing attempts, a horrendous 2.5 average. In the passing game, Ridley contributed 4 catches for -2 yards.

I think Rapoport's point about the injury is what gives Ridley some hope of staying in the NFL. It is not clear whether he was fully recovered from his 2014 knee injury suffered as a member of the Patriots. Sometimes one year is not enough.

In any event, Ridley is unlikely to return to the Jets after the spending spree in the backfield. The contract he signs will also likely be too small to help the team gain compensatory Draft picks. Maybe he will have more success somewhere else.