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NFL Mock Draft 2016: Jets Trade Up for Paxton Lynch in Latest SB Nation Mock

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation's Dan Kadar has posted his weekly mock draft. This week he has what is sure to be a controversial pick. The Jets trade up to the 13th pick to take Memphis' Paxton Lynch.

TRADE - 2: 13. New York Jets: Paxton Lynch, QB, Memphis

Another move up to get a quarterback. Now, you might be wondering why the Jets would want to jump a bunch of teams that may not need a quarterback. Draft trades aren't always about jumping a team with a similar need. Sometimes the team trading out of a pick could be bluffing about another potential deal, or the team moving up simply wants to ensure getting the player they want. Considering the state of the quarterbacks on the Jets' roster, they could make a play for a quarterback.

In a case like this, a trade up would probably be about making sure somebody else did not trade up. That tends to happen when a quarterback starts slipping.

I am not sure Lynch would be picked to deal with the immediate quarterback situation in the short run. Would he be ready to start as a rookie? It is possible, but he by no means would be a lock. There are unknowns to his game that would make starting him risky. He could be a potential long-term solution, but the Jets surely would want a viable veteran option on the team, whether that is Ryan Fitzpatrick or somebody else.